Creative Audacity! 

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As a Creative Development Producer  I bring an artist’s perspective and producer’s strategic opinion to a project. How can this story be creatively told while keeping the logistics and finances in control. What is the best way to develop the production with this particular artist or company, keeping their unique vision at the core?

With this mindset I have been able to bring a concept from idea to the fullest expression of itself regardless of its scope. Whether the Olympic Torch Relay Celebration held outdoors on Christmas Eve to a crowd of 10,000 and a live to air televised audience, or with a single singer/songwriter in the studio recording a new composition, this approach has remained the same. How can I best tell this story? In what medium will it find its voice – is it film, music, dance, written word, television, stage?

Throw out the templates,  forge the right connectionsbuild on past experiences and trust your instinct. There is little artistic fulfillment in repeating a set pattern of how to stage a show. Why copy someone else’s method of filming when your individual perspective is so compelling? Yes we begin with certain norms, a set of standard practices, then move from there. Not for the sake of being different, but because our voices are unique.

Finding an audience is the  honest indicator of how effective the process of development was. If the book is read or the show’s ratings are solid then the project connected. And the bottom line is that any project I have worked on has required an audience as an indicator of success – financially and artistically.

Typically when asked what I do, I respond with   ‘I tell stories’. Telling stories that engage, reveal, enlighten and connect us I believe is the thread that runs through the seemingly disparate productions that have filled my life.

What excites, inspires and motivates you to live your creative life to its fullest?

If this question strikes a familiar chord, chances are we have alot in common.  Inspiring dialogue with a production team or intimate conversation with an individual artist releases an idea’s authentic potential. This philosophy has led to a ridiculously diverse list of credits as producer and director in music, stage, dance, film, multi-discipline work. My wholehearted passion for developing an idea beyond its expected boundaries has catapulted me into the unexpected, the terrifying, the jaw-dropping, the exquisite and the sublime!

Armed with loads of joy, heaps of faith and an unhealthy dose of blind courage, anything is possible, don’t you think?

At the heart of it all a story is waiting to be told.



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